• #skills {
  • : Web Design, User Experience;
  • : HTML, CSS, Email Templates;
  • : Javascript, jQuery;
  • : PHP , Wordpress, CMS;
  • : Graphic Design, Print;
  • : Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash;
  • }

Hi, i'm Jeun Yun Tsang and I create all things design and websites. I am proficient in HTML and CSS, with proven skills using javascript and PHP. I have built websites using Wordpress, just like the one you are looking at now.
As well as writing pretty code, I like to design using the Adobe Creative Suite. I design websites and graphics using Photoshop, print advertisements using Illustrator and animated banners using Flash. With these skills, I love thinking up and creating the best user experience possible.
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Blog Updates on design and development

  • Keep pressing with WordPress

    As more and more people start up their own blogs and websites, there is a need for the easiest way to upload data without touching any code at all. Wordpress has been a staple for me and here are some resources that I found useful. Read more